This site was the culmination of a semester's worth of work during Spring 2023. It utilizes Next.js to provide server-side rendering using the React Framework.

The site functions off of a database I created, with the different category pages and listings pulling relevant information from the database. Additionally, a React Calendar API was utilized to show the dates available for purchase. The site also features user authentication using session storage, allowing orders to be tracked and saved for each user.

My future plans for this site are to implement search functionality, as well as the option for the user to add their own listing to the site. I would also like to bring in a Map API to help users better locate sites.

In order to run this site, you can make a fork of my project from the Replit link, which will also allow you to learn more about the code I used to make this site. After you have made a fork, there should be a "Run" button, and the webview should have an option on the top right to expand to full-page view. If Replit is having any errors loading my site, please reach out to me so we can figure out a way for you to view my work.

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